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GLA’s TEC suite of courses provide a valuable experience for students who are looking to focus on technology, design, robotics and engineering, experimental sciences, gaming and coding, computer sciences and other associated courses.

  • GLA -TEC provides a rich, rigor filled, technology focused, tuition-education, available 24-7.
  • GLA -TEC enables a personalized learning experience, tailor made for each student. This experience is enriched with a diverse range of TEC focused clubs, student organizations and extra-curricular activities.
  • GLA -TEC ensures freedom and flexibility in online learning, live and self-directed instruction, paired with a rich level of mentor, counselor and teacher support.
  • GLA - TEC’s TUTORIAL provides a 1:1 ground breaking student tutorial with leaders in the technology sector, with a focus on areas that include game design, programming, robotics, engineering, forensics, criminology, design & visual arts, and computer science.
  • GLA - TEC values parents’ central role as learning coaches, working with teachers to sustain student achievement.
  • GLA - TEC students have the opportunity to participate in cutting edge programs, featuring its groundbreaking gaming portal where students learn by gaming and programming in all subject areas.
  • GLA - TEC focused field trips, enrichment activities and seminars to events that include JPL, Griffith Observatory, NASA space camp, Apple field trips and numerous summer internships at affiliated corporate partners for summer internships.
  • GLA - TEC provides advanced leader options through its Honors and AP programs.
  • GLA - TEC employs highly qualified teachers and a WASC accredited school providing personalized instruction, the 1:1 TEC tutorial and targeted mentor support in areas of need to ensure student goals are met.